CRB-International Crossbow Shooting Association – a World shooting association created with the main objective to promote crossbow shooting sports game in  across the world
The CRB International Crossbow Shooting Association was founded by Mrs. Savita Joshi- as a Managing director along with Mr. Parvej Joshi –first Indian who become the official judge of the world crossbow shooting association having a number of international medals in various international tournaments in Sweden, Germany, Australia, America, Portugal.
Crossbow shooting is the much popular game in many parts of the world like USA, Australia and many other European Countries since decades. CRB-International Crossbow shooting Association works to provide the Best platform and opportunity of crossbow shooting across the world. The crossbow shooting is fascinating and technically challenging multi – disciplined target sports. It is also sport rich in history and traditions which has roots in many different culture across the world.
CRB-International Crossbow shooting Association is a duly register non-profit sports entity, structure with legal status with the aim :-
Ø To lead, encourage, promote, strengthen and monitor the practice of crossbow shooting in its various with emphasis on the development of crossbow sport activities and behaviors with social, legal  and environmental responsibility under the principles of respect, friendship, brotherhood and multicultural integration.
Ø In defense of the modalities of crossbow sport shooting with its members and affiliated clubs/associations ,projecting to be sport of a high competitive level, recognized at the national and international level by organizing and participating in events.
Ø Continue to develop objective, supported by a solid management structure comprise of committed athletes with a high degree of ownership and responsibility in their work put at a high standard while proudly representing the name of all associated athletes.